Versatility & Value

In today’s Oil & Gas industry being value conscience in all phases is a necessity, and that is realized in the efficient and dollar minded approach we have on every project, regardless of size and scope.


Title Review

Mineral Title

  • Our title examiners work hand-in-hand with our acquisitions team to ensure marketable assets are being acquired.

  • All title defects, encumbrances and other issues and obligations are delivered in a clear, concise and cost effective report.


HBP Title

  • The team here at Stable has reviewed tens of thousands of HBP acres.

  • The last thing you want is to have a purchase not turn out to be what you expected. We will avoid this through a thorough examination and reporting of working interest and net revenue figures, along with any and all burdens and encumbrances.

  • Detailed notes are provided for your land team to review, highlighting all issues and defects. Our team is ready and capable of curing all issues that may arise.

  • As part of our standard approach, we will work with your team to create a deliverable report that meets all of your need and expectations, but also doesn’t spend unnecessary time reporting details that don’t benefit your team. We find this customized approach is best for all parties and guarantees a cost effective product.


Cursory Reporting

  • Cursory reporting is key to getting a feel for an area. It allows you to see competitor activity as well as start spotting potential acquisitions.

  • We will provide a cursory review on your AOI to help you plan where to direct capital.

  • Cursory overviews play a pivotal role in decision making to avoid wasted time and expense.



  • Stable maintains a title database for all our clients.

  • We strive to keep it current with all work performed and deliver it via the web to allow our clients to view and download from anywhere, anytime.




  • Our experienced leasing agents will negotiate all aspects of the oil and gas lease to stay in line with your cost expectations and acreage goals.

  • We work with your land staff to ensure timely payment along with creation of well files for your system.

  • If needed, we will help you draft a lease form that meets your needs and anticipates circumstances.

Leasehold/HBP Acquisition

  • Building a prospect almost always necessitates the acquisition of legacy acreage.

  • Stable will facilitate your ability to complete units and get to the WI/NRI figures that you require to operate comfortably and economically.

  • We have immense experience in our areas of operation that has helped us to build relationships across the industry. This allows us to reach out and quickly get a conversation going with area, legacy operators and WI owners and enables us to close deals in a timely fashion.

  • We will negotiate and close within your parameters, whether that be only acquiring certain formations, a minimum deliverable NRI, or perhaps only wanting to acquire certain wellbores.

  • Post-acquisition, we will make sure all those pesky extensions are paid timely, along with meeting any other near term obligations to ensure no acreage is lost.


Royalty/ORRI Acquisition

  • Stable is ready and proficient at helping you put together a portfolio of royalty and overriding royalty interests in the play of your choosing.

  • We will use our resources to determine area pricing, along with your guidance.

  • Perhaps you just want to acquire royalty to enhance existing NRI figures in a prolific unit. We will work intimately with your land personnel to achieve your goals.



  • We have a team to build and maintain a database of leasing and A&D activity in a given area, to include both your own and the competition. This can be a valuable tool to track your competitors and stay ahead of the game.


Due Diligence

There’s nothing worse than feeling than closing a deal only to realize what you agreed to purchase isn’t what you expected. Stables due diligence team will ensure that every dollar you spend is realized in the assets that make the cut.


  • Our due diligence team will assess the asset package and deliver a comprehensive list of the assets, to ensure they agree with the purchase agreement.

  • Once reviewed our team will detail and categorize all assets to be acquired and prioritize based on value.

  • Review of assets begins, with full reporting of title failures, curative needs, along with liens encumbrances and reporting of all obligations.


  • Our team will review your files and help build a complete list of assets being sold. This will also be delineated by asset type and location.

  • We then fill in all the gaps in your existing files to give potential buyers access to all the necessary data. This includes production data, OCC filings, and all relevant documents.

Document Prep

  • Full conveyance drafting, to include asset detailing and exhibits. This is done hand in hand with our client to ensure they are protected where necessary and to meet the demands of the other party to the agreement.

  • Virtual Data Rooms are created to allow easy access for all parties.


  • Throughout the process we will communicate with the other party on behalf of our clients to sort out any ongoing curative as well as stay on top of all obligations that may become due. This allows us to complete transfer of title without losing valuable acreage.

  • Our team prides itself on delivering a product custom tailored to our client, which allows all parties to come away from a deal feeling like the winner.


Stable’s Surface Team has continuously attained solutions for our clients’ needs. Leading the way by developing trustworthy relationships with landowners and local residents. From negotiating, surveying, permit protocol, and ultimately construction of all surface acquisitions. Whether it be pad sites, pipeline right-of-way, access roads, and even water resource management. Stable will help resolve those requisites.



Offering a full range of land services in Oklahoma City, Stable Energy Land Services strives to be a leader in our industry.  Founded in 2011, we have a proven track record of enabling our clients to achieve full prospect success.  Stable specializes in title research and due diligence, lease acquisition, right of way and surface damages agreements, JOA's and farmout agreements.


Philip Mason, J.D.

Managing Partner

Living in Oklahoma since 1988, Philip received his B.A. in Commerce and Enterprise with a focus on finance and accounting at the University of Oklahoma in 2007. After two years working in the restaurant and bar industry, Philip went on to receive his J.D. at the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 2012. Philip started his career in the energy industry as Title Manager of Stable in 2012 and currently holds the position of Managing Partner where he focuses on operations, in-house legal and title review.








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Joel Knight

Managing Partner

Knight graduated from Southern Nazarene University in 2003 with a B.S. in Business Administration, and he currently serves as managing partner with Stable Energy Land Services. His business background includes experience in software, insurance and manufacturing. Hailing from central Texas, Knight has lived in Oklahoma City for 8 years, where he feels right at home in this community.











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Nick Bahan

Land Manager

Sooner born and Sooner bred, Nick has called Oklahoma home his entire life. After high school he enlisted in the Oklahoma Air national Guard, of which he is a proud veteran. Following the military, Nick found his niche in the oil and gas industry. In 2007, he got his start with a land broker in Oklahoma City, and over the past 13 years has worked and managed projects across Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. Since 2013, Nick has called Stable his home. Originally a contractor, he moved in house in 2015, and since that time has taken on various roles and responsibilities from managing acquisition and due diligence projects to training younger colleagues. He currently serves as Land Manager and is responsible for acquisition, title and due diligence related projects and personnel. While away from the office he enjoys spending time with his wife Sara and their two boys, Jackson and Hudson.

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Ryan Miller

Surface/Acquisitions Manager

Ryan is an Oklahoma native and Oklahoma State University graduate with background in Business Management and Information Sciences. He has proudly served the Stable team for six plus years  and served as as lead Project Manager for all surface related endeavors. Ryan's background and extensive experience in water resource management, surface acquisition, permitting protocol, and right-of-way has contributed greatly to the success of Stable and our clients.









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Chris LaFleur

Managing Partner

Originally born in Oklahoma City, Chris spent a good portion of his youth in both Houston and Midland, due to his father’s career in the Land Department for Chevron. After graduating from high school, he joined the Marine Corp, where he later received an Honorable Discharge as a Sergeant. Later, he would go on to receive his bachelor’s degree in Energy Management, with a minor in Finance, from the University of Oklahoma. His first position out of college was with El Paso E&P Co. as a member of their land team responsible for South Texas and Louisiana. From there, Chris moved on to the field side of land work, performing various land functions across Oklahoma and Texas. Chris joined the Stable team in 2015, where he demonstrated continued success by always seeking to grow his experience, knowledge and relationships across the industry.

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Meet the Team


Notable Projects

  • Leasing and acquisition of over 100,000 nma in the Mid-Con.

  • From start to finish, was the primary broker for an asset package that was sold to Marathon for $888 million. Assisted in the leasing and acquisition of approximately 61,000 net acres. On closing, managed the due diligence and curative to bring the total acceptable acreage to above 99% upon sale. Negotiated and managed all surface work including ROW, SUA negotiations, pad site acquisition, disposal well negotiations etc.

  • Title research and acquisition of mineral rights in several counties in Northwest Oklahoma including the STACK.

  • Performed due diligence on numerous acquisitions covering mineral, leasehold and overriding royalty interest. Total value reviewed in excess of $25M.

  • Assisted in leasing and acquiring a 40,000 net acre asset package. Oversaw all surface work including, permitting, ROW, pad site and water acquisition etc. Handled all pre-hearing OCC work including permitting, pooling, respondent lists, filings, notices, etc.

  • Lead broker for surface acquisitions within Payne, Lincoln, and Logan Counties.  Helped negotiate dozens of well sites, disposal wells, water acquisition, access roads, and pipeline ROW. 

  • Leasing and acquisition of 18,000 net acres in and around the Eagle Ford in South Texas.

  • Assisted company, fresh out of bankruptcy, by performing cleanup, curative and maintenance on multi-play asset package to prep for sale. Involved large scale due diligence reviews on various acreage groups over the Western Anadarko Basin, including pad site acquisition and numerous pre-hearing curative and pooling efforts within the STACK & SCOOP plays.




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